Fund recovery specialists form a crucial part of the investigative services meant to aid online scam victims to get their money back. With technological advancements building easier ways to progress in everyday life, scammers are using the same technology to advance fraud. As scams become more sophisticated, it is challenging for common individuals to keep their personal information and financial data protected.

Fraudsters use internet networks to penetrate the systems and corrupt user files. More importantly, the idea of global connectivity being propelled by wireless internet connections gives scammers the ability to carry out frauds from demographically distant places. This same ability is taken advantage of to hide their faces.

However, fund recovery specialists implement the technology for good. Suppose anyone has lost funds due to an online scam like phishing attacks, vishing attacks, mining scams, bitcoin scams, trade investment scams, romance scams, or any other type of scam. In that case, they can reach out to fund recovery specialists to get their money back.


Reports state that one out of every ten adults in the US has fallen victim to one or the other kinds of fraud or scam. Here are some more fascinating scam statistics:

  • 1.3 million children had their identities stolen last year
  • According to the Federal Trade Commission, the number of online scam victims jumped by 34% in 2018, and the majority of scams took place online.
  • An average of 50% of people contacted by scammers ed up giving their details
  • Of 30% of people engaged by scammers, 23% lose financial assets every year.

The above statistics have not been provided to deter individuals from using the internet. But to suggest that as the number of cases keeps increasing, it is good to keep a fund recovery back up in advance.

Millions of people are deprived of their life savings due to the widespread scams, and the involvement of fund recovery specialists is thus crucial. They can ensure fund recovery in the following ways:

They know online Brokers: Fund recovery companies consist of experienced individuals from different domains. They might be forensic service providers, retired government officials, bounty hunters, hackers, law practitioners, legal advisors & counselors who have decided to bring their years of accumulated knowledge to the table and help scam victims. Their connections strengthen a fundamental part of having quality experience in various fields.

These fund recovery specialists usually have first-hand experience working with online brokers, good guys, and bad guys within the industry. So, they can do a lot in their investigation, from identifying the cammers to checking on the potential criminals. For that reason, it is good to stay in touch with the right people and ask them to help retrieve lost funds.

They have professionals for the job: One thing to remember is that online frauds have specialists for everything. Therefore, it is essential to realize what kind of service is usually sought?

For example, if the victim has lost money in a bitcoin scam, the firm will usually have a bitcoin fraud recovery expert. These attorneys get the job done quickly. In addition, the agencies also have specialists in providing counseling as the scam victim might be under stress after the scam.

A team of psychologists within the fund recovery process also involves mentally disturbing the scammers and filling them with the fear of getting arrested. Unless the scammer knows the mind games, they can easily be manipulated to return the victims’ stolen money.

They have the authority: The lack of power in the matter usually deters customers from taking strict actions against scammers or pursuing the cases on their own. An ordinary person may not handle the situation with much confidence as they lack the outsider’s point of view in the matter. And sometimes, they may face problems establishing their authority while talking to the officials.

However, an online fund recovery agent can turn the tables in the scenario. They can talk to the attorneys on the victims’ behalf and guide the victims to follow the legal process so that police will take the matter seriously. As mentioned above, these fund recovery companies also know the ins and outs of human psychology and use the language and inflections that allow them to get scammers to agree to their demands.

Gather Evidence: Once the victims hire the right fund recovery companies, the relevant teams will look at the case and give the victims an exact idea about the situation. Sometimes the victims fail to acknowledge that in most of the scams, it is possible to achieve optimal fund recovery. While in cases like bitcoin scams, efforts might be daunting. But in instances where asset recouping is feasible, investigators put their best foot forward to gather the evidence to prove the criminals’ fault.

For example, investigators help the victims gather the receipts, register all the chats with the scammer, track how the scam was conducted, prepare the documents to be submitted to local police required for full cooperation.


Surprisingly, there is no dearth of fund recovery specialists, but seeking which cyber forensics service is the best depends on several factors. However, the best approach to find a solution to that query is to look at the online reviews. Because the reviews provided by clients reflect real experiences as felt by service availed. Additionally, it is essential to do a background study of the fund recovery company’s services. Scam victims can also read the following blog- seeking cyber forensics experts to know what qualities a good fund recovery specialist company should have.

But to get the users started. Look for the following qualities:

  • Timely and Transparent services
  • Team of Experts with financial knowledge
  • Past cases handled
  • Refund recovery services


FTCYBER account recovery specialists have extensive experience in conducting complex investigations. Services and features include high-tech software to identify links between Bitcoin addresses and entities associated with scams such as criminals, mixers, and dark markets.

FTCYBER creates documentation that serves as actionable evidence for victims to build a case against cybercriminals. Along with it, FTCYBER provides detailed reports on the investigation in progress to give peace of mind to scam victims.


Fund recovery specialists, also known as asset protection specialists, are legal professionals who specialize in recovering funds and assets that have been falsely reported as lost, stolen, or misappropriated. They also assist the victims of fraud to acquire assets, monetary claims, and related rights that can help them in the recovery process.

In order to adequately explain how fund recovery specialists help people get their money back from dishonest parties, we’re going to introduce their services and the importance of their responsibilities. Here’s what we’re going to discuss:

People often complain that they cannot recover their stolen money because there’s no one they can trust, and this is where the fund recovery specialist comes into play.


The whole process can take from three months to five years, depending on a number of factors. If the scammers have stolen money from you via social engineering, they may even move your funds to other accounts. Once the funds are moved, the recovery company gets involved and initiates legal action. The company gets a court order to freeze the thieves’ accounts and bank accounts, and gets all relevant information about them. The recovery company then contacts the banks and takes them to court to get them to return the stolen money. The government of the thieves’ home country often get involved as well.

What if the thieves and bank get away with your money? Then it would be hard to recover your funds.


Although you may feel a bit scared about using a fund recovery company, it is an option that you should at least considered. That’s because fund recovery companies are highly effective and highly successful in getting ahold of your stolen funds. Fund recovery companies are experts in recovering your stolen funds and taking care of your accounts. These firms have years of experience in this type of cases and have gone through thousands of such transactions to know how to take care of your money and your needs.

An effective and efficient fund recovery company will focus on identifying who is behind the scam. It will then liaise with the lawyers and experts that they are in contact with to get the best deal possible. If the thief is a well-known scammer, the fund recovery company will provide the help you need to track down the thief.


How much will it cost to get your money back? Some people don’t think about what a recovery company will charge and how much money will be in their control. In order to determine the cost, first you have to calculate how much was stolen. Once you know the value of your money, you can determine how much a recovery company will charge you. In fact, some recovery companies will send out letters or other documentation regarding the recovery process so you can see the exact charges before handing over your money.


A fund recovery company can help you get back your stolen funds and make them your own once again. A well-experienced team of fraud specialists will get to the bottom of your situation and will help you get things back on track. Furthermore, these specialists are trained in handling all types of fraud, as such, their works are guaranteed to produce positive results.

Unlike other businesses that provide services related to fund recovery, you will notice that funds recovery specialists are always impeccable and their staff work extremely hard.


Lots of phishing scams will disguise themselves as fund recovery specialists. You can be assured that none of these efforts will pay you the money you’ve lost. You’ll be asked to enter some information, such as a bank account number, which is either stolen outright or your stolen funds are going to be deposited into an unauthorized account. But, as an informed victim, you can still defend yourself and become a hurdle in the criminals’ way.

The first thing you need to do is contact your bank or credit union immediately. Most victims end up in a fraudulent payment scheme, because they forget to cancel their authorized payments or they don’t contact the credit card company quickly enough.


In the event that you have gotten entangled in a fraud case, you might want to seek out a professional firm to help you. Their services would let you make sure your money is back in your hands and money laundering cannot take place. Also, they do not only recover your money, but will also show you the ways in which you can avoid getting into this situation in the future.

With that said, the first thing you need to do is to report the theft to your bank or a higher authority. Then, you’ll need to find out whether you have the right to request reimbursement from the lender as the direct property owner.


If you have been affected by a fraud case, you could be confused and overwhelmed by the different financial institutions that handle similar situations. Often the recovery process and legal fights to get the money back become a hassle that is difficult to personally manage. You will be lucky if you can find someone who is experienced in dealing with the fraudulent crimes that have been made. It would be a better choice to utilize the services of a reputable firm that specializes in fund recovery


When it comes to fund recovery, it is crucial that you do your due diligence and find a provider that has a great reputation. Make sure that the company is run by honest, well-qualified individuals that have the experience and expertise to handle your case.


Most people need cash to fulfill their daily needs, pay bills, make rent, etc. But instead of moving money to your bank account or withdrawing it from the ATM, it might be a wise decision to move it into an account that’s separate from your bank account. This could be a savings account or a CD account where you store your money and use it only for the purpose it was initially intended. If the thief tries to withdraw the money, he will not be able to.

But then, what if your money is stolen from your ATM? If you have an access to your card in your ATM, but you forget to put it back in your wallet or bag, you must press a button on the machine in order to retrieve your card. This will give the thief access to your account as well.


If you are one of those people who invest time and money into finding out the truth, then you’ve also made a commitment to finding out whether or not you’ve been scammed. Unfortunately, it’s often not a quick and easy thing to do. To get your money back, you must stand firm and work with reputable agencies that employ industry-tested tactics. Not all recovery services are created equal. Before you choose an agency, remember that you’re putting your money and reputation on the line. Only those that come with a legitimate reputation for helping people to recover their lost assets and have a realistic chance at winning the case in court, are worthy of your hard-earned money.

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