Almost every seasoned bitcoin trader has dealt, at least once, with a bitcoin scammer. Unfortunately, if you want to trade with bitcoins, you’ll run into scammers at some point. These scammers are claiming to sell bitcoin to you, and they may act like legitimate business owners or individuals to increase their trust and credibility. Which is why you have to be careful in the bitcoin landscape.

Although bitcoin lending isn’t a scam in and of itself, it is important to be careful, as lenders aren’t always transparent about what they expect in return for lending. The associated risks can make it seem risky to use bitcoin to borrow. It’s best to find reputable bitcoin broker, specifically a regulated one.

Bitcoin investment scams generally target investors with big dreams of making millions, and use these aspirations as bait to hook them into a scam. They typically promise large returns, but never allow investors to cash out. Often, scammers make up reasons to explain why they can’t give investors their money, as they should. Scammers often make investors pay more and more fines and then disappear into thin air.


Bitcoin is better than the U.S. dollar in many ways, but it doesn’t have the same level of security. This is so as the U.S government regulated the USD market. And since Bitcoin is decentralized, it is also open to scams.  Bitcoin’s main attribute is that it’s peer-to-peer, meaning it has no backing from a central bank. Bitcoin’s open-source technology also means the currency can be hacked or subject to people buying fake bitcoins with real money. This is sometimes referred to as a “trustless” transaction, because no one is involved to dispute the details of the transaction.  One big advantage bitcoin has over other forms of currency is that it can be used to purchase goods and services online.

The main problems with bitcoin is its tendency to be exploited for scams.


Although bitcoin’s popularity has grown exponentially over the last few years, that popularity has also brought along with it a wave of scams. From bitcoin miners to bitcoin exchanges, hackers are looking to get rich quick, and they don’t mind doing it in the expense of hard-working people. Because bitcoin’s value has fluctuated wildly over the years, the difference between the Bitcoin worth of one hack and the Bitcoin worth of the next is huge, giving scammers more incentive to prey on individuals looking to invest.