A Law Enforcement Liason Service can play a vital role in the emergency response process and support FEMA’s priorities. This agency works closely with local and state law enforcement agencies to support homeland security efforts and provide information to the federal government. In addition to providing assistance to emergency response efforts, it also works to educate the public on the needs of local and state law enforcement.


The Function of Law Enforcement Liason Service involves providing service to the community, including assistance to persons in need. This duty is a broad one, including the investigation of violent crimes and the enforcement of criminal statutes. It also includes ensuring that human rights and dignity are respected. It is the responsibility of law enforcement officials to protect the rights of all individuals.


A person with experience with the Law Enforcement Liason Service is a qualified individual who has worked in the field of law enforcement. He or she must have graduated from an accredited law enforcement training institution and have an advanced university degree in criminal justice, public administration, or human resources. Those with first-level university degrees may also apply to this position if they have a great deal of experience in the field of law enforcement, planning and administration, or human resources.

Relationship with SHSOs

The Relationship between Law Enforcement Liason Service (LELS) and School Resource Officers (SHSOs) is a critical component of school safety. The LELS creates a community-wide atmosphere of safety for students and schools by creating a close relationship with students, faculty, and families. The LELS works to protect students in elementary, middle, and high schools. By interacting with students in elementary school, LELS develops relationships with students, and that interaction continues into high school.