FTCyber offers the highest quality tracing services. Cryptocurrency traces are prepared for professionals, including clear visualisations of fund movements, exchanges, and transfers and a forensic ledger. The result of the trace is a clear, accurate picture of on-chain transfers up to 100,000 generations from the original transaction.

In the cryptocurrency investigations and recovery industry, data is king. FTCyber has a team dedicated to finding and integrating the best data providers to investigate real cases across the globe.

The continual integration of data partners results in the highest quality data for our clients and authorities.

A key ingredient in FTCyber’s technology is incorporating multiple leading providers, cross-checking accuracy between them, and having an internal rating system for each data provider. This accuracy check enables FTCyber to stay one step ahead of the industry.

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There are many forensics companies out there, but none of them offer the same reliability, professionalism and customer service as FTCyber.