Due diligence is gathering intelligence to investigate management, operations, internal controls, corporate culture, and market environment. It’s also used to detect fraudulent activity and warning signs of potential bad actors.

The process includes investigating a company’s corporate, economic, legal, fiscal, and financial circumstances. FTCyber’s Due diligence department often investigates links to economic crimes such as corruption, tax evasion, and fraud on behalf of companies worldwide. In simple words, due diligence helps investors and companies uncover the true nature of companies they seek to do business with or with whom they may have already worked. It also tries to paint the landscape of risks involved.

who needs due diligence services?

Individuals and companies seeking to ensure they are working with reputable companies may need due diligence to mitigate risk in their course of investments and business. This is especially true in today’s world of fake news and manipulations of information, and mass marketing techniques.

Finally, companies expanding ties with existing business partners may also be interested in due diligence services from reputed firms to avoid hurdles or conflicts of interest.

how can we help you?

There are many forensics companies out there, but none of them offer the same reliability, professionalism and customer service as FTCyber.