FTCyber provides fund recovery services to help clients recover bitcoin from online scams. FTCyber uses systematic, legal, and proven approaches to finding perpetrators, working with authorities and clients hand in hand to identify culprits to recover stolen cryptocurrency funds.

Below find important information required to assist clients with cryptocurrency traces:

  1. The domain name of the particular website or websites
  2. The name of the exchange(s) and the blockchain(s) used to transfer funds.
  3. The transaction hash generated by the transfer (or both the victim wallet ID and culprit wallet ID).
  4. The amounts and dates of transfers.
  5. Receipts or bank statements proving transfers of funds, as well as any documentary evidence showing fraud.
  6. Any emails, WhatsApp/LINE/Telegram, or other messages – including messages sent via social media – it is vital to save as much evidence as possible.

The relevant information mentioned above is enough for us and should be provided to assist you. A complete affidavit is collected from each onboarded client. The above is essential for later stages in recovery.

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FTCYBER can assist you in tracking the scammers, report a scam for details.

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There are many forensics companies out there, but none of them offer the same reliability, professionalism and customer service as FTCyber.